WIKF USA Winter Training

WIKF USA Winter Training

The Academy of Classical Karate is happy to host the WIKF Winter Training Session with Sensei Jon Wicks from England. Sensei Wicks is the World Chief Instructor for Wado and is the successor to the late Tatsuo Suzuki, Sensei.

Sensei Wicks is an amazing instructor with a wealth of knowledge. His seminars are always eye-opening and enjoyable for everyone from white belt to black belt.

The schedule for the weekend 9/1-9/3 is:

* Friday 9/1 6pm-8pm Open to all students (All ranks - 8 years old and up)
* Saturday 9/2 11am-1pm Open to all students (All ranks - 8 years old and up)
* Saturday 9/2 2:30pm - 4:30pm 4th kyu (Blue Belt and up only)
* Sunday 9/3 11am-1pm Advanced Training (1st kyu and up only)

Please note these are classes will be full of great information and Sensei Wicks often teaches things in a different way or presents advanced material. For those of you wanting to get a Black Belt one day, these seminars are a must!

Pricing Deals:
* $40 each session OR $100 for all 3
* 1st kyu and Black Belt - $165 for all sessions.

It is always fun to train together as a dojo. If you are beginner come and train with the Black Belts.

If you have any questions, please see your instructor or stop in at the front office. Payment for all training can be made using the credit card on file.

This will be GREAT training for everyone in the dojo from white belt to Black Belt. There is always something new and exciting to learn from Sensei Wicks. The whole dojo trains together!

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