Sensei William Stynetski

Sensei William Stynetski

William Stynetski started his first self-defense classes at the YMCA in Buffalo, N.Y. at the age of 6 years old. His family relocated eventually moving to Plano, TX. William wrestled for 4 years at Clark H.S. and Plano East Senior High School, and during that time also met Michael Park, Sensei and trained in Kuk Sul Won (and eventually in jujutsu and kajukembo).

In 1989, at 19 years of age, William enlisted in the United States Navy and served as an Operations Specialist (OS) and as a US Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer. Having served in both Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, William played a crucial role on board the U.S.S. Worden (CG-18) as Red Crown / PIRAZ, during the Worden’s duties as anti air warfare commander. While in the Navy, William studied Tae Kwon Do for half a year, and Okinawan Karate for two years. And then in 1992, while stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, began his first Aikido classes on the island of Ohau.

Leaving the military at the rank of E-5 in 1993 to pursue a university degree, he continued an intensive Aikido regime. William has trained in and visited IAA, Aiki Budo, ASU, Aikikai, SAC and USAF (under J. Birdsong Sensei and R. Mason Sensei) dojo. Having practiced in numerous dojo across Texas, he also has traveled and visited dojo in Hawaii, Nashville, Memphis, Asheville, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Hombu Dojo in Japan. He also has had the fortunate opportunity to have received instruction and met shihan who studied under O sensei, (Akira Tohei, and Henry Kono).

Among his training, he has received personal instruction from M. Park, Shihan, T. Rait, Shihan, B. Sosa, Sensei, L. Fabia, Sensei, D. Fabia, Sensei, M. Minegashi Sensei, G. Chase Sensei and D. Palmer, Sensei.

He has an Associate of Arts in Drama from Collin County Community College, and a Bachelor of Science in Film and Television from the University of Texas in Austin. William Stynetski can be found in the internet movie database (IMDB), and he currently holds a Yon Dan (4th degree black belt) ranking in Aikido.

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